Modern Foreign Languages

Spanish is an absolutely crucial subject at BISM and is considered part of our Core Curriculum.  Our intention is for all pupils who study at BISM for a number of years to achieve confidence and fluency in oral and written form. 

Native Speaking Students are fully accommodated by daily Spanish language and culture lessons with a view of achieving success in formal examinations and the ability to enter Spanish University courses if so desired. 

The study of Spanish at BISM includes: 
  • the spoken and written forms of the target language
  • the interrelationship between sounds and writing in the target language
  • the grammar of the target language and how to apply it
  • a range of vocabulary and structures
  • Cultural studies
All pupils study Spanish in Year 10 and 11 in order to gain an IGCSE qualification in this crucial subject.  It is also offered as an A level subject for those who wish to study further in year 12 and 13. 

In addition to Spanish, pupils can enjoy exposure to additional languages such as French and Chinese as part of our Extended Curriculum in Years 7, 8 and 9. 

Additional languages may be added to the IGCSE and A level programme if there is sufficient demand form BISM families.