Sima Del Diablo - Outdoor Club

Sima Del Diablo - Outdoor Club
Monday, October 2, 2023
We're excited to share some unforgettable moments from our recent adventure to Sima del Diablo for an epic canyoning experience in the Valley of Genal! 

Challenging descents that pushed our limits
Refreshing waterfalls that invigorated our spirits
Breathtaking landscapes that left us in awe

A massive THANK YOU to TUUR CANYONING for flawlessly organising this incredible trip. Your expertise and dedication made it a safe and thrilling adventure for all of us! 

A big shoutout to all the students, parents, and staff who joined us on this incredible journey. Your adventurous spirit made this trip truly special! 

Let's cherish these memories and look forward to more outdoor adventures in the future. Stay tuned for upcoming events with the Outdoor Club!