Rock Night

Rock Night
Tuesday, April 11, 2023
Thursday 23rd March saw BISM's inaugural Rock Night, an evening where talented musicians, drawn from across our school community, performed some of rock's greatest hits from the last 50 years LIVE to a buzzing audience in the school theatre.

The atmosphere was electric from the start of the night, when our host for the evening, Mr Holden, invited internationally renowned recording artist Tarja to the stage to say a hello to the large and excited crowd. Tarja re-emerged later in the night to bring the show to a spectacular close with two of her biggest hits, and in between, those present were treated to plenty of other show-stopping performances from musicians hailing not only from our talented music department but representative of the entire school community - featuring primary school children, as well as secondary students, sixth formers and teachers, including our very own headmaster, Mr Moore - all taking to the stage. 

Who knew we had so many virtuosos in our midst! 

For those who rocked...Alex, Naomi, Nikita, Isabella, Estrella Jackie, Florie, Carmen, Antoni, Layna, Valentina, Anais, Mr Rimmer, Mr Kuhn, Alvaro, Sebastian, Constantin, Max, Misha, Ioseba, Jasmine, Lisa, Miss Flanagan, Miss Jones, Miss Carron, Mr Everist, Judit, Mr Herron, Mr Rafeek, Miss Conlan, Alfredo, Miss Escribano, Miss de la Riva, Miss Rodriguez, Marzieh, Mr Moore, Raul, Nevin, Samuel, David, Ilian, Melina, Adrian G, Uzala, Charlie, Adrian ER, Lillian…we salute you!