The Extra Curricular programme has started with motivation and excitement across the school.
Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Foundation Stage
After an extra week to settle in, the Foundation Stage ECAs started in Week 3. We had a great variety of clubs on offer and the children were eager to get started. Construction club was really popular and the children were challenged to build the tallest tower they could manage. We had specialist teachers in to teach Spanish, Art and Music which gave the children a really exciting start to their year.

Lower School
What an incredible choice the children had for their clubs this term! There were so many that the children found it difficult to narrow down to the one that they wanted to take part in the most. The variety on offer from Art to Dodgeball really captured the children’s imagination and I am really glad that we are in tune with the children’s interests. As you can see from the pictures they are having a lot of fun! 

Middle School
This year we are very excited about the changes we have made to the enrichment programme in the Middle School. One of our charter values is independence, something we value greatly and a trait we firmly believe we need to cultivate in our students. 
Friday afternoons are now comprised of two extended study sessions. The children have the option to choose from a wide range of areas they would like to further and develop. Rather than set course which the children sign up to and follow they now have real choice and a voice in how they would like to direct their learning. A number of staff and outside providers (paid for by the school) are on hand as coaches rather than teachers. They lend their expertise to guide the children in developing skills, talent, knowledge or understanding in ways of the children’s choosing. 
You can see from the table below the breadth of offering and the children have responded enthusiastically to the opportunity to determine their direction of development. We look forward to sharing with you the achievements the children have made in this new and exciting initiative.