Mandarin Teacher
International Trade (with English) University of Shanghai Supply Chain and Purchase Management, SH University Senior Chinese Language Teacher-IPA, International Profession Certification Association
As we all know, learning from different world languages and cultures broadens our cognitive limitations. Engaged in education for 5 years, I like to be friends with students, not just their teachers. I desire my students to gain knowledge and experience the fun of a different language and culture. I am also committed to the joy that students can bring to them through my teaching. I used to live in Shanghai for ten years. I studied there and then worked in one of the Fortune Global 500.I like to travel to different countries and enjoy the local culture and food. I love hiking on vacation. I just completed the TMB hike Tour du Mont Blanc this summer. I love and enjoy being in natural scenery and enjoying the beauty of mountains and the sea. I also love discovering the little surprises in our lives. It fills my life with sunshine and energy. A trip seven years ago led me to this magical place, Marbella and I also visited other famous cities and islands in Spain. It made me fall in love with this country. Then I made the wisest decision of my life to move to the Costa del Sol. And I’m delighted to work at BISM.