Red Nose Day Bake Sales

Red Nose Day for Comic Relief was a real success.
Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Red Nose Day for Comic Relief was a real success. With the red noses, cakes and the red nose stickers, the school earned lots of money.


Years 4, 5 and 5/6 ran the cake stalls, one on Thursday and one on Friday. Many of the cakes were homemade! If you asked Felix what people told him about his cake, he would say, very good stuff.


By Emma Gabarron

Year Five Student

For Red Nose Day we had to bring in money to buy a red nose. All of the noses sold out very quickly!


We listened to Comic Relief’s charity Red Nose Day songs as we worked throughout the day.


Lots of people brought homemade cakes to sell at the bake sales. Firstly, we sold the cakes to the parents after the pantomime. They bought a lot of different cakes! Later the remaining cakes were sold to the children. Almost every slice or cake sold out and lots of money was raised for charity - over 800 euros in total! Well done everyone!


Mustie and Nastia

Year Five Students