Happy Halloween at BISM!
Friday, November 2, 2018

It was another happy Halloween at BISM as ghosts, witches, vampires and monsters went about their daily lessons. There was spooky Halloween story writing, monstrous maths and frighteningly artistic arrrrght lessons!
Each phase had a fun Halloween party and terrifyingly tasty treats to eat. A huge thank you to the parents for sending them in and to the EFC for decorating the hall (the giant skulls were a huge success!).
The quality of pumpkin carving was high this year, with some very creative designs. The dance moves were also fangtastic, with Mr Steele mixing modern hits with old-time classics, such as the Monster Mash.
Well done to everyone who made their costumes, every year they get more original. I wonder what innovative ghouls and ghosts we will see next year!
Happy Halloween!
Halloween at BISM