Foundation Stage WOW Day - ‘When I Grow Up?

As part of our topic ‘Wonderful Me’ the Foundation Stage had a WOW Day based around what we would like to be when we grow up.
Wednesday, October 10, 2018
The children were invited to join us dressed up as the job they would like to have when they are older. The children looked amazing and we had a variety of careers from ballerinas, footballers, vets and doctors to police officers, artists and chefs.

We were really lucky to have two special visitors on the day. Firstly we had Mr Webb, who is a Marine Conservationist, he explained to the children about the dangers of plastics on our beach. The children were full of enthusiasm for this cause and were keen to help look after the turtles and dolphins by keeping plastic bags out of the sea.

Secondly we had Savraj’s Mum, Ranjit, who is a scientist. She demonstrated a fantastic experiment to the children which showed them how rain is made and how it falls through the clouds. The children were eager to join in and loved seeing the multi-coloured rain fall. We would like to extend our thanks to both these visitors for their time.

The children loved finding out about all the people who help us in school, Ms Rutherford held an assembly where we looked at all the people who help us in school and we talked about all the different jobs they do to keep us happy and healthy in school.

We really had a wonderful day. Thanks for all the fantastic support in dressing up.

Mrs Riddell
FS Leader