Decency was our charter value for the month of September and we had an array of assemblies delivered by different staff with powerful messages on what decency means and on the need to be decent.
Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Ms Kirkham kickstarted the theme with an assembly about starting a BISM Kindness Revolution and our final assembly of the month welcomed a special visitor to our Foundation Stage, Lower School and Middle School. 

Craig Webb has started an organisation called Plastic Free Seas Worldwide. He has been organising beach clean ups along the coast with the next one due at Laguna Village, near Estepona on Saturday 20th October. Craig has also been helping spread the message of what we can all do to help make a difference and prevent so much plastic ending up in our oceans, potentially damaging sea life and ultimately ourselves. 

Craig made a huge impression on the children who themselves made a huge impression on Craig with their super listening, fantastic questions and interesting stories of how they are trying to reduce their use of plastic, and if they do use it, how they are trying to reuse and recycle it! 

To look after our planet seems to be a thoroughly “decent” thing to do. Hoping to see you and your children at a beach clean up soon!

Mr Holden 
Year 3 Teacher
LS Student Council Mentor