Christmas Carol Competition

Spreading a bit of Christmas Cheer
Wednesday, December 20, 2017

On Friday 15th, after a song filled assembly by Y1, the Upper School and Lower School Choir (both looking very smart as usual) filed on to the bus. They were heading to the Old Town for their latest performances, complete with musical instruments in tow.


Both choirs had, two weeks previous, wowed their audiences at the annual Christmas Carol concerts held in school. We are very lucky to have such talented musicians at our school and regularly get to see them showcasing their talent in various events throughout the year. Both choirs sing so beautifully it wouldn’t be very civic minded of us to keep them just to ourselves. Therefore one of our calendar events annually is to take part in a carol competition organised by the Ayuntamiento.


Upper and Lower School Choirs from eight different local schools were in attendance all vying for the coveted ‘Best Choir’ award, whilst being filmed for local television. The Lower School Choirs were to perform first and faced stiff competition from a number of other schools. The Upper School Choirs then performed. In this category were a number of choirs from local secondary schools, singing a mixture of well known and original compositions in English, Spanish and even French.


A tense period was to follow as the judges met and deliberated. A number of categories were to be decided as well as the best overall choir in the Primary and Secondary categories. Our Upper School Choir was declared as the Best Technical performance in the Secondary field and Evie and Lucas went up to the stage to receive a cheque as their reward. A number of categories were then announced in the Primary category without mention of us. They were leaving the best to last as our Lower School Choir were then announced as the Best Choir overall in their category. The whole choir were back on stage to receive their very large cheque and a plaque to commemorate their achievement.


Fantastic performances from school choirs don’t happen by themselves and take many hours of coaching and rehearsal. A big thank you and congratulations to our music department, Miss Stone and Miss Conlan.


Brendan Herron

Deputy Headteacher